Welcome to I Fucking Love this Record, a music podcast from 

The Derrek Carriveau

Every week, Derrek and a guest will discuss, in detail, a record that they love. We will find out how the record (or band) entered their lives, track-by-track observations (including discussions of different types of album openers) and any other thoughts that come their way. Warning, contains language.


Next week we will be discussing Johnny Cash’s American III: Solitary Man with Christian A. Dumais. In the meantime, check out the album on Spotify!

Christian A. Dumais & Johnny Cash!


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Thanks for making it this far. I’m Derrek, and I am an American living in Wroclaw, Poland. I have been doing voice work since 2009 and performing stand-up comedy since 2012. If you are looking for someone to perform at a social function, if you are producing a video that needs an American voice, if you need something written, or proofread – please contact me here.