Derrek and David discuss Aerosmith’s Rocks, Guitar Hero, thrash metal cover versions, and much more!

David is a video game YouTuber and also does some music reviews. His channel can be found here.

Welcome to I Fucking Love this Record, a music podcast from 

The Derrek Carriveau

Every week, Derrek and a guest will discuss a record that they love. We will find out how the record entered their lives, track-by-track observations, and any other thoughts that come their way. Warning, contains language.

Would you like to co-host an episode? Here is a WISH LIST of albums I would fucking love to talk about: 

Arctic MonkeysAM, Crooked FingersDignity and ShameThe Jayhawks – The Sound of Lies, Dean LewisA Place We Knew, Doug MartschNow You Know, OursDistorted LullabiesPlaceboBlack Market Music, Queens of the Stone AgeRated R, Queensryche Rage for OrderMichael J SheehySweet Blue Gene, Shout Out LoudsWork, The Twilight Singers – Twilight, Tom Waits – Bad as Me.

If you see something above that you love, send me an email at Don’t see anything you love but still want to participate? Send me a list of albums that you do and maybe we can find some common ground.



In preparation for next week, check out Death of a Bachelor from Panic! At The Disco on Spotify! 

Alex Gomez & Panic! At The Disco!


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Album Side

A slightly self-indulgent solo side project where Derrek drinks a beer and talks while listening to one side of vinyl.


Thanks for making it this far. I’m Derrek, and I am an American living in Wroclaw, Poland. I have been doing voice work since 2009 and performing stand-up comedy since 2012. If you are looking for someone to perform at a social function, if you are producing a video that needs an American voice, if you need something written, or proofread – please contact me here.